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We challenge to make unique products.


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We have developed GRAVIMORPH to bring a unique style from Japan to the world in 2018. The goal is to help you look at yourself, improve yourself, and heal your weary mind. It is especially recommended for the people, who are in their 30s and 50s. Amid the hard work you do for your family, society and daily life, we would like you to really cherish the time just for yourself. If you can enrich your own mind, it will be the first step to making everyone around you happy. 


Unique Movement


Comfortable Tone


At The Club


On The Desk









In February 2020, we won the "Trends 2020" award at the trade fair Ambiente winter 2020 held in Frankfurt, Germany. Our unique concept has been recognized in Europe. we are delighted to be chosen for this award. Thanks to everyone on the team for their cooperation.

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If you want to know more about our distributors and dealers, or about our products, please contact us by e-mail below.

Showtaro Nozaki (COO)

Manufacturing technology


Since our foundation in 1902 in the manufacturing town of Tsubamesanjo, we have been flexibly producing products to meet the needs of the times. Currently, we work with clients in all aspects from upstream to downstream in manufacturing, such as pressing metal and resin, welding, assembly, design and drawing. We use our local manufacturing network to handle many types of production needs.


Our products

Agricultural machinery parts

We handle more than 30 different types of parts. 
All are done in-house: Metal pressing, press brake processing, spot welding, rivet assembly and roll processing. 
We handle everything from single parts to assembling components. 
Available from finger size to 90 by 180 cm. 


OEM examples

Magnesium wheelchair

This wheelchair uses magnesium, a metal with a particularly light specific gravity. 
Magnesium is highly recyclable and has many features but is a very difficult material to process. We have produced magnesium wheelchairs with special specifications on an OEM basis. We flexibly respond to customer needs from trial production to mass production. 


Japanese artisans

Metal stamping

Screw hole

Mold warehouse

Spot welding

Press brake

Various metals

Small lot and multi-process production

Pressing is convenient for making a large number of precision products. Simple products are now mass-produced overseas using automatic machines and robots. We go beyond this, delivering complex and multi-process products that require skilful techniques. We welcome orders of 10 units per month and seasonal products. Besides metal, we are also skilled at resin processing. 

OEM production

We have flexibly responded to the needs of the times and have been manufacturing for about 120 years. In the past, we have also done OEM production such as ping pong tables and wheelchairs. We also handle manufacturing for overseas clients. 

We welcome new creators

We cooperate with companies, designers and creators rising to new challenges, starting with single products and prototypes and then moving to mass production. We are manufacturing professionals. We would like to create new value together. We are also available for consultations about making drawings and selecting processing methods.


For inquiries about manufacturing and OEM, please contact us using the email address below.

Showtaro Nozaki (COO)

Manufacturing experience

Since 2015, we have been offering occasional full-scale manufacturing experiences using machines and equipment in our factory so that many people can experience the attraction of manufacturing. We also welcome factory tours. We would like to interact with many people and foster future Japanese manufacturing industries.


Mini handcart

A beginner's course that both children and adults can enjoy. You can experience using a press machine and an air riveter. 
One unit: 3,800 yen (tax included)/60 min.


Kick scooter

For junior high school students and above. You will feel like an artisan. A course that is quite authentic, fully using machines and equipment based on a drawing.
One unit: 24,800 yen (tax included)/120 min. or more


Factory tour

Factory tours are available, but reservations are required. Please contact us at least one day in advance. 
Our factory tour is free.


Click here to reserve your experience.

Please check the reservation site for our schedule.


Please feel free to contact us using our email form below for additional information on GRAVIMORPH, manufacturing, OEM manufacturing, processing needs, quotations, manufacturing experiences and factory tours.


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